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Dark Prince charming   
02:01am 21/06/2005
mood: contemplative
A HORRIBLE person with tragic patheticiness inside
All the rage I can not hide.
withheld in a space of tangled abodes
With long winding ,shattered ,broken dirty roads.
I've taken a path I can not turn back ,I ran off of course..
Ive torn at my "nack".
The lonely bitter tasting of a era at end ,
to my actions I can not defend.
Darkness and fog that creep through the night
to fill young ones head with visions of fright.
Nothing can prepare you for what lays ahead .
A winding ,shattered, broken dirty bed.
I hate myself for some things I have done
for all of the tanglement can never be undone.
I beg and plead for some sign of light ,but,
all I can see is the dead of the night.
I wish for a mircle to cure this disease
The things i can offer no one cares to see.
As I pant and heave lying bloody on the road
I focus my vision and squint to see a black toad .
Is this my prince of dark and unknown ?.
Will all of my sins be cleansed and uncloned?
For now I believe the winding ,shattered , broken road it could end
with the care of a touch and a love of a friend.
For now I sit fleeing from my monsterous dreams
I never saw prince charmings face as it seems.
I will dream untill it fades to a never forgotten book with it's page held tightly inside of my nook.
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poem for the masses   
10:21pm 01/04/2005
mood: high
A River Of Contempt is swimming in my head
All the things I did
All the things I said
Coming to a climax
As I raise my voice
Call apon the heavens
But not to rejoice
Red with fury in me
Pale with sickened toll
It swept over me like a hawk
Took away my soul
For anybody weeps
As a young sprit can
For I am nor Woman
For I am nor Man
I am a lonely grief stricken whisper
The nightmares you have
I am your emotions you thought you never had.-KMP
Up to the next fun filled month of drama   
06:25pm 18/03/2005
mood: scared
Well everything I do or touch turns to SH*t . Me and Melissa broke up a while back. Right now me and my mom are losing our house that we have been in for 11 years. My best friend is cheating put me in the middle , I said the wrong thing now Im prolly not gonna have a best friend anymore and ive known her for 10 freaking years. I guess I wasnt good enough for anyone or anything . Im in a hole and theres no way of digging myself out of this one. I feel alone and Im having to avoid not all but most of my friends because of the decisions ive been making . some of them are NOT good for me even tho I love them I need to surround myself with some new people . Ones that are not so dramatic and full of one shock after the other . All in all my life sucks except for Zoe she is my angel girl and she is all I am living for . Im so lonely I wish sometimes the world would cease and jus stop cause this pain im feeling is worse than any Ive ever felt . Ill be 25 in aug and im on the wrong path im jobless almost homeless and friendless because most of my friends seem to only be around when i have money or its to there advantage. I hate it I hate myself and I really hate life .
07:34pm 30/12/2004
mood: awake
It's been so long so much and so little time. Well life is alittle of everything. I met a awesome girl named Melissa and me and her have been together for two and a half weeks . Already started rocky because of my mom finding out. What am I 3 ? She has known me to like women since i was 17 years old. She is having a fit but me and melissa can manage . She lives in Tomball which is alright with me no distance too long . She makes me feel awesome , wanted beautiful and down right all together good. I miss all my friends Ive been work 12 hour days 5 days a week going to be getting my own place soon and Im pretty burnt out right now but life is doing well ... well I hope everyone had a awesome christmas and a has a happy new year love and kisses to all . -kassie ps im getting tatted out with my fat pay check come the 7th anyone wanna come?
12:43am 30/10/2004
  Lying in the arms of sweetness
Captive to be denied.
Melting in a sea of euphoria
hazey glowing eyes.
Her lips are warm
with a fever
her face with satisfaction
She leans to touch my mouth
antispating first contact.
She holds me fiercly fueling my desires
I want this ..
to be continued:
Good DAY   
12:39am 30/10/2004
  Went to my aunts to clean her car out and detail it so she could give me some money. Tomorrow my cousin Mary and my uncle Bobby are going to be watching Zoe tomorrow night . That is going to be really kewl . I will have a night to my self to go out and have some fun . Anyways I talked to her today =0) She is such a sweet and awesome person . I really hope something comes of this . There are so many things I like about her . heh .-peace  
A hum dinger   
05:33pm 16/10/2004
mood: awake
Today has been alright considering that past couple weeks. I've been in a funk..today MUCH better.Sitting at Lyds we were watching Rat Race and the guys went to play football at the park. Lyd and Jessie are in the living room with Zoe.. I love her so much but i need something maybe some away time I dunno. My daughter comes first but i feel like I need someone to talk to about things and maybe have some R&R.anyways -Glad the "asshole" hasnt called or came by there will be blood if that comes to pass and I dont mean by me I am NOT ever a violent person in fact I have been passive to the fact that the "asshole" screwed me over. A bit numb and repressed the way I feel I need to be because of my trustworthy forgivness always seems to overshadow my first intial vibes or impressions of someone.I need a cold one too that would be mighty nice. I need some new drinking buddies anyone up for that one??
Two long to last   
02:08pm 14/10/2004
  Well lately has been pretty trying alot has happened to me . When it rains it pours and some of yall know what I mean. How could I ever get myself mixed up in stupid situation like I did . I really messed up a good thing too I really liked Ashley and I fucked it up royal . I miss her I hope she can forgive me one day . I will explain .. maybe .. later  
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Moving on up .   
04:44pm 27/06/2004
mood: cheerful
Well Im here to update around the corner at my pops.
I moved into my own apartment this past weekend .. ::sighs in relief:: It has been a LONG time since I have had so much room and so much peace I dont know what to do with it haha. Anyways I won spiderman premiere tickets four of them off 104 krbe I dont have alot of gas to go get them anyone want too take me to get them and take me there ill give ya a ticket lol! Anyways I still have some things to get into my apartment likea kitchen table , and a coffee table . I need a coffee maker for sure and a night stand . I have a couch and a fold out chair and a dresser . All my kitchen things and bathroom things are set up looks nice but the living room is HUGE so im like well i need something to make it look comfy and cosy. As far as anything else but work and moving thats all ive been doing . Now im mind set on making some new friends even tho I did not move far from Crosby now I live in Baytown, Most of my friends are moved away or going too soon. Im willing to travel to Houston any nice chicks wanna hang out? I need a girlfriend that maybe what I will set myself on .. one that can handle the fact I have a kiddo . anyways take care all email me sometime im lonely heh.
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11:26pm 15/05/2004

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When my Birthday Comes   
01:14am 08/05/2004
  When my birthday come this year
I'm gonna wish for you
tired of glances and few and far between hugs
Tired of people in my way
I'm gonna wish for you and all your faults
Good or bad
I once had you
Loved you
Not baby anymore
When my birthday comes this year
I want you
all your glory
Your sweet touch I miss
I'm tired of holding back
not to far from now.
My birthday wishes never come true but this year
I will wish for you.
By :Kathleen Powell
Cheap Perfume   
12:59am 08/05/2004
mood: artistic
In my heart
emptiness i can not bear
In my soul your smell I wear
In my eyes your lies can not hide
Under my pillow contradicting dreams

You confuse me
Abuse me
To the point of no control
I yearn for you to be tamed
Lonliness is your name

Sweet bitterness on my lips
As I take a breath
cold and sharp to suck
I want a warmth to breath back
Lips to kiss
Two arms to hold
Forever again

Was it forever in the first place
No one stays to long
Leave me in the end.
I need some time from my mind

Fill my heart
Touch my soul
subside the emptiness I can not bear

It's the smell of lonliness that has sickened me
To the bones
To the Quick
I want a fix
From this everyday stick

Come to me
fill me
love me

When it's done and over with the smell of lonliness
will not be so hard to bear.
By: Kathleen Powell
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Crazy week   
12:43am 08/05/2004
mood: drained
Well this weekend has been really strange and upsetting at the same time.. My moms bf is in the hospital he may lose his left leg .. He has a blood clot a foot long in the upper part of his left thigh . His left foot is already dead .I dunno although me and him do not get along very well I do not wish any harm or pain or death apon him. Its also very upsetting to see my mother in the emotional state that she is . Things for her have not been going to well. Today I saw a old flame well HS flame .. its was nice talking and catching up on everything that has happened. Tonight I am at home sitting for a while online listening to some music to help me make my mood better. Tomorrow I have to call in for work .. well I called today but i have to call my boss tomorrow morning . I need to stay home with my mother tomorrow... the doctors are going to decide tomorrow .. it does not look too well.
Tells Me So   
10:14pm 04/05/2004
mood: melancholy
Crawling deeper into my heart
I strain to find a true want
a true need
My body says love
My mind says reconciliation
My heart says something deeper
I can not quit find the meaning
For the words are in some secret code
Maybe its better for me not to know
Today I had a glance of something jelousy can spark
I want that
Whatever it is
I want that
I will let know one know
I will keep this secret code
For my mind tells me so. - Kassie Powell
09:35pm 28/04/2004
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Update once again   
09:20pm 28/04/2004
mood: awake
Well it's wednesday and today was pretty busy at work. I was suppose to work from 9 am to 1:45 pm I was asked to stay to 5 pm and I did . I got off at 5 and came home really quick too get a shower and get Zoe from daycare . I was off Monday and Tuesday but did not do anything really exciting. I had a friend tell me about the Splash thing in Galvestion I think thats what it is called. The LGBT weekend were they have a celebration . I wish i could go really bad! But even though I am off friday I have to work all weekend..which really sucks bad I have not been able to go out and have a good time in so long. But ya know it is cool I am used to it hah. I wish I had a girlfriend ... I want to go out on a date or something hang out, have coffee or just meet some new friends and some females.. damn my luck tho I never meet anyone new =(. I wish i was pretty then maybe a woman would come up to me =(.
Quick Update   
10:42pm 23/04/2004
  Works doing good tomorrow is my 3rd day . Some kewl people to work with there. Zoe is doing good and im just keeping my mind on working . Hope everyone has a good weekend=) bye for now-kas  
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11:26pm 19/04/2004
mood: mellow
well this weekend i took care of poor sick zoe . She was getting sick and had a rash from her daycare its suppose to be like a chicken pox once they get it they can never get it again. I went today to jack in the box to fill out forms .. I start later this week .. I am really happy that I have a job . Other than that this weekend has been alright. Visited with my Gma today and then went to a friends house. Tomorrow im taking Zoe to daycare and I am going to take my Gma to the doctor and run a shitload of errands . Well im off to lala land sleep tight everyone and sweet dreams -kas
06:26pm 16/04/2004
  Well today was so awesome .. I called jack in the box and actually got the job I start monday. Tonight my mom is watching my kid and i am going to go out and hang out with some friends anyways i will update alittle bit more later tonight i am soo happy things are really looking up now only if i could find someone =( lol bye for now -kas  
Things that bite you in the ass.   
11:11pm 14/04/2004
mood: embarrassed
Ever have a weird and emotionally draining and confusing situation with ur past lovers and partners .. Well i sure did tonight.Well Let me start my day from the beginning . I woke up got ready and took Zoe to daycare .. came back to the house and went over to Vik's to take something over there. Came back to the house for alittle bit ..proceeded to a job interview in Highlands , getting a call back Friday . I hope i get it.I went and visited my grandmother .. I miss her so much she is the only sane one left in my whole entire family and she is the one that had 10 kids!Went to get Zoe and then came home .. I was in such a good mood today untill...after I gave Zoe a bath Vik called and wanted to know if I would meet her at the new Wal Mart here .. it opened today. I said yes .. boy wrong choice!!I dont know if i have social problems or what but as soon as we hit the door we saw all these people we went to HS with .. I even saw a childhood friend of mine which went to elementry and jr high with me which wasnt bad..I saw someone that was once a .. well lets just say lover .. and so many other people with "them" .. The "lover" talked to me and was asking me how i was and acting a bit weird .. i could feel the whole group of people "lover" was with staring at me probably wondering if i was going to crack soon and how fun it would be to see someone break that they never cared for.. "lover" cared for me in the past i am sure of it .. its no use its like looking at the water under one of ur old bridges you never completely burned .I think im going to have a emotional break down i felt really upset when i left wal mart although i tried to hide it . Maybe I can figure a way to resolve things ,, there are so many unresolved things and questions in my life I wish I was strong enough to demand answers and close doors that i left cracked .gnight im tired